EU developing an open science cloud to share scientific data and analytics

The European Commission is developing a European Open Science Cloud (EOSC) which is intended to provide a federated, globally accessible environment where researchers, innovators, companies and citizens can publish, find and re-use each other’s data and tools for research, innovation and educational purposes. It is intended to operate under trusted conditions.  It is to be supported by a sustainable value for money model. The EOSC aims to accelerate the transition to more effective Open Science and Open Innovation in a Digital Single Market by removing the technical, legislative and human barriers to the re-use of research data and tools, and by supporting access to services, systems and the flow of data across disciplinary, social and geographical borders.  Most of the challenges that have been identified are primarily social rather than technical. The major technical challenge is the complexity of the data and analytics across disciplines rather than the data volume. A major challenge that has been identified is an alarming shortage of data experts both globally and in the European Union. Realising the European Open Science Cloud