First data available from new European climate-monitoring satellite

Sentinel-5P captures Bali volcanic eruption
Recent Bali volcanic eruption captured by Sentinal-5P: Atmospheric sulfur dioxide concentration

The first satellite images from the Sentinel-5 precursor (Sentinal-5P) were presented publicly December 1, 2017.  The Sentinel-5P satellite is equipped with a spectrometer that can measure and record important trace gases, aerosols and cloud information. The satellite measures atmospheric concentration of sulphur dioxide, ozone, formaldehyde, nitrogen dioxide, carbon monoxide, methane and aerosols, as well as the height, distribution and albedo (reflectivity) of clouds. Spatial resolution of the sensor ranges between 7 and 34 km. Sentinel-5P is the most recent satellite of the European Copernicus Earth observation program. The atmospheric data and map products from this satellite are freely accessible so that the data will aid not only environmental and climate researchers but also citizens via smartphone apps and internet services. Information on air quality will be available to risk groups, such as people who suffer from asthma, patients with respiratory diseases or cardiovascular problems, allergy sufferers, the elderly and small children.