Plan to capture Antarctica ice core reaching back 1.5 million years

EPICA Dome C location
Location of EPICA Dome C and oldest ice

An international team of researchers is set to drill to the bottom of 2.75-kilometre-thick ice for a core that is likely to contain ice at least 1.5 million years old. The Beyond EPICA project is expected to start formally in June at little Dome C. The EPICA Dome C drilling program more than a decade ago revealed data about 800,000 years of Earth’s climate history to the beginning of the current 100,000 year glacial/deglacial cycles. The drilling program is expected to capture data from the period when the glacial/deglacial cycles were about 41,000 years which corresponds to the Earth’s obliquity cycle as predicted by Malinkovitch. It may also shed light on why the climate switched to the 100,000 year cycle.