Scientists in 184 countries issue global Warning to Humanity concerning the environment

A global alliance of scientists from 184 countries has issued a “Warning to Humanity” concerning the World’s environment. The warning is based on the consequences of environmental trends over the last 25 years and is published as an article in the November, 2017 edition of BioScience – the journal of the American Institute of Biological Sciences. The article titled “World Scientists’ Warning to Humanity: A Second Notice” has been signed by 15,364 scientists in 184 countries. It has been issued as a follow up to the first global warning, published 25 years ago by the Union of Concerned Scientists, which in 1992 was signed by 1,700 independent scientists, including the majority of then living Nobel laureates.
Data summarised in the November 2017 Bioscience article is presented in a set of nine graphs which indicate trends from 1960 to 1992 to 2016. The nine environment and related indicator graphs cover: Ozone depletion; Declining Freshwater availability; Unsustainable marine fisheries; Ocean dead zones; Forest loss; Dwindling biodiversity; Climate change (CO2 emissions and Temperature change); and Population growth.

“World Scientists’ Warning to Humanity: A Second Notice” published in BioScience, November 2017. William J. Ripple, Christopher Wolf, Mauro Galetti, Thomas M Newsome, Mohammed Alamgir, Eileen Crist, Mahmoud I. Mahmoud, William F. Laurance